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DURATION: 4 - 6 hours (approx.)
LANGUAGES: English and Spanish
PICKUP: free transportation

Drive buggies through the Dominican countryside, take a refreshing swim in cenote caves, indulge in a delicious Creole dinner, witness a captivating Taino dance performance, and dance the night away under the stars!

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In this action-packed evening experience, you'll embark on a thrilling off-road buggy or safari truck ride through the Dominican countryside.

As the landscape transitions from day to night, you'll witness the transformation of the surroundings. A highlight of the tour is the opportunity to swim in a natural cave pool, known as a cenote, with atmospheric lighting creating a captivating ambiance.

If you choose the safari truck option, you'll also have the chance to explore the depths of Yara Cave, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your journey.
After your adventure, you'll return to the base where you can enjoy a well-deserved drink and indulge in a delicious dinner featuring classic Dominican dishes made with fresh seasonal produce from the island. The evening continues with a traditional Taino dance show, immersing you in the rich cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. You can join in the boogie around the bonfire or relax under the stars while enjoying the open bar and live music.

Experience the thrill, culture, and entertainment of this unforgettable Night Buggy tour in Punta Cana. Book now and get ready for an evening filled with adrenaline, scenic beauty, local flavors, and vibrant cultural performances.
  • Off-Road Adventure: experience the thrill of driving 700 cc Hondas buggies through the captivating Dominican countryside under the starry night sky.

  • Swim in Cenote Caves: immerse yourself in the mystical beauty of cenote caves, taking a refreshing dip in their cool aquamarine waters.

  • Cultural Immersion: learn about the rich Dominican culture as you discover the secrets of coconut oil, tobacco, rum, coffee, cocoa, and indulge in the world-famous chocolate tea.

  • Rejuvenating Bath: enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the spectacularly illuminated caves, creating a serene and enchanting ambiance.
  • Typical Dominican Dinner: delight your taste buds with a succulent Creole dinner, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients that showcase the authentic flavors of the Dominican Republic.

  • Taino Dance Performance: be mesmerized by a traditional Taino dance performance, celebrating the indigenous culture and adding an extra layer of authenticity to your evening.

  • Dancing Party and Campfire: end the night with a lively dancing party, where you can boogie around the bonfire, creating unforgettable memories under the starlit sky.
Round trip transportation
Enjoy the convenience of complimentary pickup and drop-off from your hotel.
1.5 hours of driving time
Approximately 1.5 hours of driving time, including night driving on a private rally track: feel the thrill as you navigate the rugged terrains and experience night-time driving.
Presentation and tasting of Dominican products
Learn about local traditions and taste the flavors of the Dominican Republic.
Swim in the cenote caves at night
Take a refreshing dip in the natural cenote caves, illuminated for a magical experience.
Succulent creole dinner (typical Dominican)
Delight your taste buds with a delicious buffet dinner featuring authentic Dominican cuisine.
Non-alcoholic national drinks
 Quench your thirst with refreshing beverages, including local drinks.
Accident insurance included
Travel with peace of mind knowing that accident insurance is included for your safety.
  • Drivers must be 18 and over and hold a valid driver's license: Please ensure that you meet the age and license requirements before participating in the buggy ride.

  • Not suitable for children under 6 years: This tour is not recommended for young children.
  • Pregnant women, people with mobility impairments, and wheelchair users are not recommended to participate.

  • Please bring your passport or ID card, driver's license, and swimwear.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for the buggy ride.
  • Don't forget to bring insect repellent, bathing suit and a towel for the cenote swim.
We begin the tour by picking you up from your hotel and taking you to Rancho de Buggys in Macao. After receiving safety instructions and the necessary equipment, including your protective helmet, you'll have a brief practice session to familiarize yourself with the Honda Terracross 700cc buggies. Once you're ready, the adventure begins.
Our first stop is at Macao Beach, renowned among surfers and known for its pristine beauty. Here, you can take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters and witness a breathtaking sunset over the beach.
As night falls, we embark on an exhilarating forest tour to immerse ourselves in the Taina culture. You'll have the opportunity to refresh yourself with a welcoming cocktail and take a spectacular bath in our private cenote, a natural cave pool illuminated for a mesmerizing experience.
Indulge in the flavors of Dominican gastronomy as you taste our delicious local cuisine. Immerse yourself in the culture with a captivating representation of the Taino People and their ancient dances during a spectacular show. This unique tour offers the only nighttime experience of its kind in Punta Cana.
After an unforgettable evening of adventure and cultural immersion, we conclude the tour by returning you to the starting point and providing transportation back to your hotel.


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